Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Simplest Gallery UIScrollView class for iOS 4+ ... ever ;)

In my last post about UIImage decompression nightmare, I told you I was working on a Gallery scrollView and now it's been released on github.

the gallery in action on iPhone

This gallery allows you to display images or any kind of pages content in a scrollView. It also handles double taps and pinch-zooming of images.

The demo project (code linked above) is highly commented and shows how in few lines of code, you can implement a gallery in your view controller.
The demo also uses the UIImage background decompression concept I discussed before which allows it to display 1440 * 960 pixels images very quickly even on iPhones. If you run the demo on an iPad you will understand what I mean by very quickly.

Do me a favor and give it a try. All feedback is welcome.


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